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Creating a Custom Order for a dear friend was a challenging and good experience. The first time you design anything, is a long process because I like to design on the fly, much like my paintings. I'm very happy with this piece that was inspired by a ring I made. Adore wanted a Cuff Bracelet with the design concept of a Celtic Wrap Ring I made recently. So I got out my remaining Sterling Silver Sheet of 24 gauge, cut, hammered, filed, riveted and shaped into what you see here. It took a good part of the day and night, but was well worth it. I learned a technique I hadn't applied to my work yet and I really have to say, I'll be adding it to many of my pieces. It's the SLOT HOOK closure. I hand work as much as I can, so it's a little rough, but I'll work on it a little more to smooth out the kinks :)

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