Aloha Andrea ~

Exhibiting my work at the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville, California this past 5 years has been an exciting experience, with both ups and downs. Between my paintings and jewelry work, I've been able to share my growth in both areas and have my work for sale daily. I've met a lot of great people, one of which I've become close to in the last year or two. Andrea Markus, a fabulous oil artist, photographer and jewelry designer, has been a friend and between Andrea, Pat Smith (photographer, pastel and textile artist at the gallery) and I, we shared many hours showing our work in person in front of the gallery on many weekends. The hours would pass with much laughter and conversation, sharing our lives and opinions of this and that. Andrea passed recently after her health took a sudden dive over the past 4 months. Deeply saddened, this soft spoken, kind and talented woman will be missed. Andrea had been showing her jewelry in the gallery over the years as well as other work, so we had many discussion on the new styles that we wanted to pursue. I didn't have a chance to talk to her during her final days or show her my latest work, because I thought we'd have more time.... Andrea has sprouted wings and while I can't enjoy her company as I once did, I know she will be peeking in on me now and then, hopefully smiling and laughing along with me and my continued journey with my Adventures in Jewelry Making and Fine Art painting ~ Aloha Andrea ~

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