I'm on fire and and as an Artist who loves to paint in Oil, Encaustic Hot Wax and Resin, I've dipped my toe in PATINA on Metal. I'm in Love! Working with Metal is exciting as I turn Jewelry Grade sheets of Brass, Copper and Silver into Unique pieces of jewelry, with the added touch of PATINA in Black Onyx, Purple Amethyst, Blue Marine (turquoise), and Pinky White Quartz.

My Process:

*Cutting out of metal and shaping each piece.

*Filing and sanding each edge to smooth out the sharpness of the cut.

*Hammering and stamping marks onto the metal and Beveling the edges.

*Painting the Patina directly onto the metal works and getting it into each of the grooves.

*Sanding off half of the Patina so that the brilliance of the metal shows through.

*Firing up my torch and brushing the flame over each area where the Patina has touched to set it.

*Reshaping if necessary to fine tune the look.

*Coating the back area that will touch the skin, with a Metal Glaze so the part that touches the skin, will not turn the metal to it's normal Patina process from body oil, fragrances and moisture. Once this wears out, you can clean with metal cleaner for Brass, Copper or Silver then recoat with a metal glaze to protect your skin it once again.

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