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While trying to brainstorm about what cool link to create next for a bracelet or necklace, I decided, that was the hardest part of my MetalWorks Jewelry designs, and the part I like the most. I thought others might want to order them to use with their cool finds of Charms or Pendants. So "BY THE INCH LINKS" was born :) Order what ever length you like and I'll get busy creating them for you! Classically 6-8" are for bracelets, but sometimes you may need or want it a little bigger, so just order the length that works best for you. Classically 16-30" are for necklaces, although CHOKERS are the latest rave these days too, so measure your body part and order what ever that might be. My "By the Inch" does not come with closures so consider ordering it shorter to leave room for the clasp you might attach. You can always order it with a HandMade MetalWorks Custom clasp from me, and I can attach it for you as well, with an additional fee. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~ Cheers! 🍷Looking forward to 2017 ~

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