Cannabis Jewelry! MJ Legalized in CA

November 21, 2016

Let's give CA a hand as we just passed to Legalize Marijuana! Medical MJ has been legal for awhile now in the state of California, but because it's not with the Feds, many Clinics and Growers for Medical MJ are sometimes closed down in CA and around the US. They are strictly regulated as they should be, and on a visit to a Medical MJ Clinic in San Jose, I liked what I saw.


You are greeted at the door and requested to have your paperwork before you can enter. Those documents consist of the original Doctors Recommendation with the Embossed Seal, along with your California ID or Military ID. You then have to become a member, which means they call or e-mail your doctor to confirm that you are a patient that was given their recommendation for Medical MJ use. You can also get pre-approved before you come in, by going online to register at Greeted by a knowledgeable staff that listened to your ailments along with pamphlets and a lot of information on the products and what each item can do for you, I was impressed. They also offer Private consultations, Massage, Reiki, Cooking Classes, Yoga, Tai Chi, Sound Healing, and an Intro to Cannabis classes. This all makes clear sense, as our Minds and bodies are connected and both have to be in Balance, in order for our bodies to heal properly. A Great and Well Rounded Clinic that is clean, Comfortable, Looks Professional and make you feel Safe. Important fact: All Medical MJ at this Clinic is Lab Tested by a Third Party Lab for Pesticides, Fungicides, Pathogenic Contamination*


Consider this, Cannabis is an herb and the medication that most are given from our general doctors have derivatives from herbs. It's been proven that Cannabis has lots of medicinal purposes, so why not make it available, with restrictions, to everyone that needs it. Our General Doctors should be able to offer it to us as well, and now it's more of a possibility since it's passed with voters here in California!! I'm glad and celebrating by Creating Cannabis Jewelry, so we can all Celebrate and Spread the word together!! ~ Pictured MetalWorks Loopy Link Necklace with the Pendant "Notes Just Saying" with the Stamped Designs of the MJ leaves surrounding the Medical Logo, tucked in a Brass and Copper Envelope $65 ~ Brass, Copper, Silver with Sterling Silver Star Rivet.

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