Riveted ~ Stamped ~ Domed ~ Textured

Customize what you want Your Pendant, Bracelet or Ring to look like. From a Cuff Ring, Wide or Thin Bracelet to Pendants of all shapes. I can Texture the background in a number of optional textures (check it out on the above menu "Stamped & Riveted." The Stamped lettering can be left in it's natural state, or it can be viewed to stand out by inking it with black or other colors. Other Options are the Lettering, Capital or Lower Case, one line or two. Layerd Metals of Brass over Silver to Create a more Dimentional Look on CUFF Rings and Bracelets. Copper PADDLE Pendants with Stirling Silver Hearts or Stars... More to come ~ E-mail me your Request: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

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