June 8, 2016

Once you start getting excited and inspired, as an artist, you just can't turn it off. I was supposed to set time aside to paint for my next exhibition, but MetalWorks has taken hold and won't let me be, so I created this yesterday and had to share it with the world :) Enjoy ~ Available to order online and at KJCouture downtown Pleasanton ~ Check it out today! ~ When ordering let me know how long you want your necklace: 16, 18, 20 or 24" chain to go with your BoHo Paddle Necklace. I have other new pieces added on this site, so go to the menu and see what's new. Show Your Metal!!


June 4, 2016

KJCouture is the latest Elegant Shop in Downtown Pleasanton. I recently spoke with the owners Kim and Jeanene and set up my MetalWorks jewelry to test the market for one month with my complete inventory, much like a TRUNK SHOW. Customers and KJCouture's owners alike, were happy with the jewelry and now keep a small inventory of my work. This boutique is Bright & Warm, has an assortment of Casual and Upscale pieces to add to your own collection and Friendly as well as Helpful staff, Kate is a Charmer. Unique is what I call it and a Welcome to any girls Adventure in Shopping Downtown Pleasanton! Prices cover all bases of...

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