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Domed Stamped Small Round
Roach Clip Pendant
Assorted Silver Pendants
Sterling Silver Sm
Sterling Silver Bar Pendant
Domed Stamped Small Round
2" Cuff Bracelet "puff puff pass"
Stamped Cannabis Leaf Bracelet
Stamped Cannabis Leaf Bracelet
Small & Medium Stamped Cannabis Leaf Bracelets

Pendulum Pendant

January 08, 2018

I created this piece tonight when I was trying to figure out a new design. Many of my other pieces are smaller so I am trying to focus more on larger pieces to add to my collection. I am always interested in creating custom orders for my clients, so remember, you can always order it in any metal you like. I work with Copper, Brass, Aluminum (light and will not tarnish) and Sterling Silver 925.


Which way are you swinging today? Your choices are "Indica or Sativa" as stamped on this Mixed Metal Riveted Pendant. Copper and Brass play a role in this Stamped Marijuana Leaf designed, free movement Pendulum Pendant attached with a hand Riveted nail. $75 Mixed Metal Pendulum Pendant *Wire Choker included.


Wear this pendant on your favorite chain or choose to wear it on one of our Hammered Wire Chokers ($15each) that are fully Adjustable.  

Ginger Jar Pendant

January 06, 2018

This Mixed Metal Ginger Jar Pendant has stamped in designs of the Marijuana Leaf, and soft hammered texturing, Metals used are Brass, Copper and Aluminum.


This Pendant fits easily with our Hammered Wire Choker, but will also fit on your favorite chain, or order a hammered chain from MetalWorks. Just mention the length of the chain you want made and I'll suggest a link style that best fits the pendant. Contact me: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

Prop 64 California Legalizes Cannabis for ALL in 2018!

January 05, 2018

On this page you will find an assortment of Metal Jewelry that will show your support for Prop 64. I've been Inspired to create a line of Cannabis Inspired jewelry to celebrate the momentous occasion of both Medical Marijuana and Social Use for 21 years+ in 2018 for California. If you have an idea you'd like to see in Metal, just let me know and I'll create it for you. Contact me: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

Marijuana Leaf Stamped Designs

January 05, 2018

A delicate Marijuana Leaf stamped across this Sterling Silver Bar hanging vertically. Wear one or multiple pendants on a chain or on one of my Choker Wire necklaces. Order it Inked so the leaves stand out or keep it subtle and natural as it is here. Also available in Copper, Brass or Aluminum.


January 05, 2018

You have a MetalSmith at your disposal to create Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Sterling Silver, Hammered, Stamped and Forged Jewelry to your specifications. Just ask: PoetryOnCanvas@Mac.Com

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