August 6, 2019

Working late into the night, taking a few days I created some Sweet New Earrings. Long Strands and Short dangles, both are perfect for anyone. Short and Long hair alike can wear these designs. Enjoy!

July 21, 2019

OK you might have been wondering "When is she going to create Earrings?" The time is now :) I'm going to be filling Showcase at the Blackhawk Gallery with Classic designs such as Hoop Earrings and some fun New Unique designs of Metal, Stones, Crystals and more. I'm all about keeping it Unique so come and check it out. 3416 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville.

Most of my earrings will have French Loop wires, as you see here, for comfort but I will have a few Post earrings as well. I prefer French loop earrings, for comfort and ease of putting them on and taking them off. There is no worries of losing that tiny back piece off...

February 15, 2019

The Blackhawk Gallery is now where I hang my ArtWork paintings as well as my MetalWorks jewelry. I worked late into the night developing New Designs for my Mixed Metal pieces to share and sell to the public during our Opening Reception Saturday night. I'll be posting these pieces soon, but I had to hurry to display them without taking individual photos. Here they are in a group setting display, as they are at the gallery. Enjoy! Happy Valentines Day!! CHEERS ~

December 28, 2018

These last two months have flown by and I feel I've been very busy each and every day. With a ton of Demonstration days at the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville, I've been able to share my process with a multitude of people. Many of which had never heard of Encaustic paintings. I set myself up on a table that had everything I needed to create small and medium works. Melting pots of pigmented beeswax and clear beeswax on one end, while the tools of the trade were here and there. Powder metallic powders, sharp tools to shave and gouge the wax, ink, brushes, my heat gun and a variety of items to paint on. Hours passed as I wor...

November 29, 2018

Now that I'm sharing my MetalSmith talents in METAL JEWELRY at the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville, I was busy creating all day yesterday. It was fun to be productive with Sterling Silver, all my tools and hammering away to shape what was once a flat lifeless sheet of metal, into Wearable Art :) ENJOY!

October 9, 2018

Creating a Custom Order for a dear friend was a challenging and good experience. The first time you design anything, is a long process because I like to design on the fly, much like my paintings. I'm very happy with this piece that was inspired by a ring I made. Adore wanted a Cuff Bracelet with the design concept of a Celtic Wrap Ring I made recently. So I got out my remaining Sterling Silver Sheet of 24 gauge, cut, hammered, filed, riveted and shaped into what you see here. It took a good part of the day and night, but was well worth it. I learned a technique I hadn't applied to my work yet and I really have to say, I...

October 9, 2018


The Temptation not to go to a GEM & Bead show it so hard for me. So far I've been good for a couple of years, but a friend was a vendor recently in Walnut Creek, and so I stopped by to say hi and offer my help. Yes I got sucked in and found a few MUST HAVEs :) These CARNELIAN, SAND ONYX and JADE stole my heart and will be made into Pendant Necklaces to join my collection of SS Sterling Silver GEM COLLECTION that will be out in time for Christmas and Valentines. These One of a kind pieces will be in the next exhibition at the Blackhawk Gallery in November and online until sold.

September 30, 2018

I've been focusing my efforts lately with Sterling Silver. Now I want to add color to the silver jewelry I've been creating and in my collection of jewelry findings and beads I have these very cool sculpted Red  Beads. They are a deep yet bright red, lovely and elegant, so I've added them to a Choker Bib necklace I've just created a few days ago. I'll continue working with these Red Beads because I just love them so much ~ RED COLLECTION

September 15, 2018

I love making and wearing these Sterling Silver Choker Necklaces. Wearing one or more looks great or hang a pendant from it. Wearing the Choker and a chain necklace with a pendant gives that layered look. A touch of Elegance in Sterling Silver. All my Silver jewelry is made from USA grade Sterling Silver 925 or 999 Fine Silver, by me in my studio. Sterling Silver will tarnish over time but can easily get back to it's shiny silver look with a gentle polishing with a silver jewelry polishing cloth. Tarnished Silver can look great when there is stamping involved or wrapped designs. The tarnish will get into the small nooks...

September 12, 2018

I've always loved everything SKULLS ~ There is something mysterious and just a little scary connected these images. I'm a fan of scary movies and spiritual things, so I'm a natural to create skull jewelry. A couple of years back I did a few painting of Sugar Skulls and did some research of the subject. Really loved them and they had a great review by customers and viewers alike. I hope you enjoy my Newest SKULL Collection (I just created this one last night!)

~ More to come!

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